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C++ for C Programmers - Fall 2019

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Texas Advanced Computing Center

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C++ can be considered as a superset of C, but this view often leads to un-idiomatic C++ programming. In this short course we both show the new mechanisms of C++, and we explain what C mechanisms, while available, should no longer be used.

The first half of this course covers mostly object-oriented programming and parameter passing with references; the second half covers advanced topics such as smart pointers, exceptions, iterators, lambdas, templates. It will be pointed which features are specific to the C++14 and C++17 standards.

Participants in this workshop are expected to have active command of the C language, in particular subprograms and parameter passing mechanisms. Participants are expected to bring a laptop with a functioning recent C++ compiler or ssh access to a system with such a compiler. No access to TACC resources will be provided.

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09/13/2019 09:00 - 09/13/2019 17:00 CDT (SESSION HAS ENDED)
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