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Computing MATTERS: Inquiry-Based Science and Mathematics Enhanced by Computational Thinking

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Boise State University

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The workshop will focus on inquiry-based learning enhanced by computational thinking with content and practice to assist faculty to incorporate modeling and simulation at all levels from mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and –as needed– to high performance computing. The workshop will expose faculty to the basics of computational thinking, including modeling and simulation, with special emphasis on exploring topics that complement each other in math, engineering, and physical, life, and social science. Materials for the workshop are drawn from National Science Digital Library (NSDL), in particular Shodor’s extensive Interactivate collection of lessons, discussions, activities, and supporting materials, modeling software and curriculum, and other resources aligned with Common Core and various state standards. The workshop is aimed at faculty teaching the introductory courses for both majors, gen-ed, and pre-service teachers.

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In person (Boise State University)

07/18/2016 08:00 - 07/20/2016 15:00 MDT (SESSION HAS ENDED)
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