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This is a faculty development workshop open only to Hampton University faculty and staff in all disciplines including science, engineering, humanities, and social sciences. The purpose of the training is to:

  1. learn how to gain access to national advanced computing resources that are no cost to you or your project, and
  2. facilitate the incorporation of advanced research resources and tools into your research and teaching.

The workshop sessions involve hands-on exercises and the agenda is as follows:

8:30AM XSEDE Overview
This session will provide examples of the the digitally enabled research using large scale computing resources from industry and academia and an overview of the services offered by XSEDE for open science.

9:30AM Computational Thinking: Introduction to Analytics, Modeling, and Simulation in Teaching
This session will provide example materials for basic computational science education, modeling, and computational thinking. Several different tools that can be used to introduce modeling concepts will be demonstrated along with sources of models and instructional modules that can be inserted into a wide range of courses. The session will review model computational science undergraduate programs and facilitate discussions of the paths to curriculum changes.

Noon Lunch Break provided by XSEDE

12:30PM XSEDE New User Training
An introduction to XSEDE User Portal will be provided in this session. An overview of capabilities accessible through the portal will be demonstrated in an interactive session, with the participants able to follow along with their own portal account. Additionally, the basics of XSEDE resource architecture, covering compute, storage, and environment management, will be presented, which will motivate an introductory job submission tutorial component. Finally, the participants will be able to learn the basics of file transfer with Globus Online. While there are no labs associated with this session, participants will be able to follow along with the instructor to gain experience and familiarity with the XSEDE environment.

More information:

Private training
This is a private training.

You will need a password in order to register for this class. You can obtain the password from the host for this training event.


In person (Hampton University)

05/12/2016 08:30 - 05/13/2016 16:30 EDT (SESSION HAS ENDED)
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