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SC13 Experiences - Good and Bad

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SC13 Experiences - Good and Bad
11/24/13 6:05 PM
The show itself? GOOD!
Countless friendly faces...a good many I had last seen at XSEDE13 in San Diego, but many more not since SC12! The floor did appear to be less trafficked than in previous years, though with every convention hall, the perception varies. The DOE labs were "sharing" a centralized space which cut down a lot on the big booths to visit. NASA was carrying about half the staff as normal, but had some nice presentations. As we had a shared booth this year (GPN), I at least had an aggregation point for rest breaks and storing my stuff. We had a very productive XSEDE Campus Champions meeting with around 60 CC's present as well as some of our XSEDE staff friends.

The travel aspect? BAD!
Huge delay out of Denver Thursday due to the snow fall. Then, heavy storms in Dallas caused an additional delay as no traffic was being allowed in or out of DFW. Missed last flight to XNA that night, slept in a chair at DFW terminal. My 8:00AM flight went a scant 18 hours after I began my attempt to get home...SUCCESS!!!

So....any other opinions of SC this year? Wild stories? Firsts? Share 'em! The group would love to hear about it!