For XSEDE Users there is a Java-based terminal uses MyProxy and GSI-enabled SSH to create a single sign-on session, in which you can open windows to other resources without re-entering a password. You must have Java SDK 1.5 or higher installed to run the application. We highly recommend using the XSEDE user portal but you can also:

Download, Install and Run GSI-SSH Java WebStart

GSI-SSHTerm stores your proxy certificate locally on your personal computer. Therefore, regardless of the initial launching method you choose below and indeterminate of any subsequent launching method, you will be able to connect to additional resources without needing to supply login information again.

GSI-SSH Download Instructions
  1. Download and Save GSI-SSHTerm.
  2. Click on the application (xsede.jnlp) from the location where you saved it.
  3. Start the application and verify that you wish to run it when dialog boxes pop up.
  4. After the application has launched you will be promted to 'Connect to Host' please enter the XSEDE Resource you are interested to connect to and have an account on.
  5. The next screen you see will be 'Retrieve Credentials from MyProxy'. The host '' will already be filled out. For the Account Name and Passphrase please fill in your PORTAL USERNAME and PORTAL PASSWORD. Click 'Use MyProxy' when you have filled out the information.
  6. The GSI-SSH application will automatically log in you to the system with your portal credentials.

If you are experiencing issues launching or connecting to XSEDE reosurces please try the following:

1. On your client machine, in your home directory you will find a .globus/certificates directory. Please move or delete this directory and launch the application again.

2. Please clear your JAVA cache

For additional assistance please contact the XSEDE Helpdesk.