How do I request supplemental service units for an XSEDE allocation?

To request additional service units (SUs) to supplement a current Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) allocation, the principal investigator (PI) or co-PI may submit a supplement request using the XSEDE allocation request system, accessible via the XSEDE User Portal.

XSEDE accepts supplement requests at any time. Generally, XSEDE reviews requests within two to three weeks of submission. Larger requests, however, are reviewed at the next meeting of the XSEDE Resource Allocations Committee (XRAC).

To submit a supplement request:

  1. Log into the XSEDE User Portal.
  2. On the Allocations tab, click Submit/Review Request.
  3. On the allocation request page, click Click to Enter or View a Request, and then select Supplemental.

For more about submitting a supplemental allocation request, including required documentation, see Supplement Requests on the XSEDE Allocation Policies page.

Note: Supplement awards are highly dependent upon availability of resources, and limited when allocation awards at the previous XRAC meeting have been reduced to eliminate oversubscriptions.

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