How to Manage Allocations

This page contains instructions and information on managing XSEDE allocations. PIs, Co-PIs and Allocation Managers may add others to an allocation, delegate additional allocation managers, request renewals, apply for extensions as well as continuously monitor SU burn rate and storage usage.

To manage your allocation visit the Allocations/Usage page in the XSEDE User Portal (XUP).

Figure 1. Manage allocations in XUP

Monitor Allocation Usage

Authorized users can monitor storage used, SUs used, and the burn rate in the XSEDE User Portal. PIs and allocation managers can see each user under their allocation, their SU and storage usage,

Figure 2. Allocation usage snapshot

Figure 3. Allocation usage graph example

and can download this information in CSV format as well.

Figure 4. Allocation user report example

Manage Users

PIs, Co-PIs and Allocation Managers can manage all users on their respective allocation/s by adding and deleting users and bestowing authority to additional allocation managers. Click the Add Users button (see Figure 1.) to bring up the manage users window.

Figure 5. Manage users example

Delegate Allocation Managers

PIs may authorize additional users to help manage their accounts by designating allocation managers. These users must be already added to their account as specified in the steps above. Once added, a user can manage their users by clicking on the person icon next to each resource in their allocation. This enables them to view the co-PIs and allocation managers for their account and designate allocation managers. Once an allocation manager is added, they are valid for all resources under that allocation.

Add User/s to an Allocation

PIs may authorize additional users on allocated resources by completing the XSEDE Portal Add User Form. Any users you wish to add must already have created their own portal account. Click on the "My XSEDE" tab, select "Add User.", then enter the username to add the user to the allocation. Contact the XSEDE Help Desk for additional assistance.

Figure 6. Add Users to Project

Manage Allocation Duration

PIs, Co-PIs & Allocation Managers may apply to renew or extend allocations within the XSEDE Resource Allocations System (XRAS) system. When logged into XUP click on "Allocations", then "Submit/Review Request" to proceed.

Renew Allocation

The renewal process is similar to the new allocation process. PIs are expected to renew Research allocation requests after the expiration of their current allocations. A renewal must provide a Progress Report document describing how the prior year's allocation was used along with a listing of any publications (published, accepted, submitted or in preparation) that resulted from the prior year's allocation. In most cases, Startup allocations will not be renewed; a Research request should be submitted. Startup allocations are generally not appropriate for projects that have already received Research allocations.

Extend Allocation

To manage XSEDE resources, it is important that PIs correctly identify their needs and realize that their awarded allocation is fixed. Nevertheless, through an Extension or Supplement request, a PI may request an extension of the duration period or request a supplement to their allocation under reasonable conditions.

For additional policies and instructions please view the NSF Resource Allocations Policies.

Last update: January 23, 2015