Science Gateways

XSEDE creates Science Gateways, customized portals granting members access to HPC applications, workflows, shared data and other services. XSEDE Gateways unite communities of like-minded members, whether united by discipline or other criteria. Please visit the XSEDE website for more on the following topics:

Below is a complete list of current science gateways, to see a detailed project description please click on the name of the science gateway.

To update the information contained in this table, please contact To register your gateway, please complete the Gateway Registration Form.

Title Field of Science Portal Homepage
Asteroseismic Modeling Portal Stellar Astronomy and Astrophysics Visit Portal
Biodrugscore: A portal for customized scoring and ranking of molecules docked to the human proteome Biochemistry and Molecular Structure and Function Visit Portal
Center for Multiscale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes Atmospheric Sciences Visit Portal
CIPRES Portal for inference of large phylogenetic trees Systematic and Population Biology Visit Portal
CMS gWMS Elementary Particle Physics Visit Portal
Computational Anatomy Visualization, Graphics, and Image Processing Visit Portal
Computational Chemistry Grid (GridChem) Chemistry Visit Portal
CyberGIS Gateway Geography and Regional Science Visit Portal
Diagrid Advanced Scientific Computing Visit Portal
Galaxy Molecular Biosciences Visit Portal
Globus Online Engineering Infrastructure Development Visit Portal
High-Resolution Modeling of Hydrodynamic Experiments with UltraScan Biophysics Visit Portal
Integrated database and search engine for systems biology (IntegromeDB) Molecular Biosciences Visit Portal
Massive Pulsar Surveys using the Arecibo L-band Feed Array (ALFA) Astronomical Sciences Visit Portal
MP-Complete Materials Research Visit Portal
Network for Computational Nanotechnology and nanoHUB Emerging Technologies Initiation Visit Portal
Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Visit Portal
NIST Digital Repository of Mathematical Formulae Mathematical Sciences Visit Portal
OpenTopography Earth Sciences Visit Portal
ParamChem Gateway Chemistry Visit Portal
Providing a Neuroscience Gateway Neuroscience Biology Visit Portal
Purdue Environmental Data Portal Earth Sciences Visit Portal
ROBETTA: Automated Prediction of Protein Structure and Interactions Molecular Biosciences Visit Portal
ROSIE, The Rosetta Online Server that Includes Everyone Biophysics Visit Portal
SCEC Earthworks Project Seismology Visit Portal
The Earth System Grid Global Atmospheric Research Visit Portal
The iPlant Collaborative Agave API Integrative Biology and Neuroscience Visit Portal
UCI Complex Social Science Gateway Anthropology Visit Portal
User-Friendly Security Solutions for Grid Environments Communications and Computational Systems Visit Portal
VLab - Virtual Laboratory for Earth and Planetary Materials Materials Research Visit Portal
WaterHUB - Platform for water education, research, data access, partnership and collaboration Earth Sciences Visit Portal