xdinfo - XSEDE Information Service Discovery

The "xdinfo" tool provides command-line search and display of XSEDE's Information Service content including:

  • Sites and resources/systems
  • Software and services
  • Outages

xdinfo runs on any computer that can communicate via the internet with http://info.xsede.org/, and is designed to run on any Unix, Mac, or Windows computer with a basic Perl installation.


The xdinfo tool is already installed in the default user environment on most XSEDE resources.

To use xdinfo everywhere else, such as your laptop, desktop, or on any computer where you have shell access, download it from here: http://software.xsede.org/production/xdinfo/latest/.

Command Syntax & Examples

The basic xdinfo command syntax is:

xdinfo information_type [match_string] [options]

Use "xdinfo help" to see some "information_type" and "match_string" examples. Various options follow.

Selecting resources

The "on match_string" command line option filters information by resource:

$ xdinfo gridftp on stampede
$ xdinfo gridftp on gordon

The "at match_string" command-line option limits information discovery by site (SDSC in this example):

$ xdinfo gridftp at sdsc

The "local" command-line option limits information by local resource (determined by xdresourceid tool).

$ xdinfo local gridftp

The "global" command line option displays information about all resources.

$ xdinfo global

This documentation augments information displayed via the "xdinfo help" command and was last revised for Version 1.2 Release 1.

Last update: October 3, 2017