Monitor your allocation with xdusage

The "xdusage" command-line tool reports the status of all your XSEDE allocations. xdusage displays your total SU award, SU's used and remaining for each of your allocations. Note that you only have visibility into your own and your project coworkers' status.

login1$ module load CTSSV4       # Note: this command may not be required on some resources
login1$ xdusage
Project: TG-XYZ880056G/lonestar4.tacc.teragrid
PI: Smith, Veronica
Allocation: 2012-07-01/2013-06-30
Total=306,408 Remaining=2.99 Usage=306,405 Jobs=621
	PI Smith, Veronica portal=vsmith usage=0 jobs=0

Project: TG-XYZ880056G/ranger.tacc.teragrid status=inactive
PI: Smith, Veronica
Allocation: 2012-07-01/2013-06-30
Total=302,358 Remaining=0.91 Usage=302,357 Jobs=1629
	PI Smith, Veronica portal=vsmith status=inactive usage=5.88 jobs=5

Project: TG-EAT001313/stampede.tacc.xsede
PI: Smith, Veronica
Allocation: 2013-01-07/2013-06-09
Total=161,000 Remaining=25,960 Usage=135,040 Jobs=427
	PI Smith, Veronica portal=vsmith usage=0 jobs=0

In the above example, PI Veronica Smith has both active and inactive allocations on several different XSEDE resources. You may query your allocation status on four criteria. Examples below show syntax and a sample command:

  • by project

    xdusage -p projectnumber
    login1$ xdusage -p TG-STA060001N
  • by user with XSEDE User Portal username
    xdusage -up xupusername
    login1$ xdusage -u vsmith
  • by resource
    xdusage -r resource
    login1$ xdusage -r stampede
  • by time period
    xdusage -s startdate -e enddate
      login1$ xdusage -s 7/1/2014 -e 12/31/2014
      login1$ xdusage -s 7/2014 -e 12/2014
  • or with a combination of available options
    login1$ xdusage -s stampede -ip

Common xdusage options are detailed in Table 1 below. Consult the full xdusage man page or by issuing the standard "man" command:

login1$ man xdusage

Table 1. Common xdusage options

Option Description
-p project specify XSEDE project #
-r resource specify XSEDE resource e.g., blacklight, gordon
-u username | Last name specify user with your local resource username
-up portal-username specify user with your XSEDE User Portal username
-a show all accounts -- ignored with -u
-j show jobs, refunds, etc
-ip suppress inactive projects
-ia suppress inactive accounts
-zp suppress projects with zero usage
-za suppress accounts with zero usage
-s startdate -e enddate display usage for period between startdate and enddate
-h print help

Last modified: March 23, 2015