Training Badges

The XSEDE Badges Program recognizes the HPC community's professional development achievements by offering digital badges on popular HPC topics.  Badges are earned by completing assessments designed to evaluate knowledge and application of the topics.  XSEDE Badges follow the Open Badges Specification and can be shared with others via email, websites, and social media (e.g., LinkedIn).

View and Earn Badges

  • Visit HPC Training Moodle.
  • Sign in with your XSEDE Portal username
  • XSEDE badges are available in the 'Earn a Badge' category in the Learning Opportunities listing. Badges may also be available for some of the self-paced tutorials. Enter the term 'badge' into the 'Search courses' box to find all badge offerings.

Currently Available Badges

  • OpenMP Beginner Badge
  • Big Data Beginner Badge
  • Big Data Intermediate Badge
  • OpenACC Beginner Badge
  • OpenACC Intermediate Badge
  • OpenACC Advanced Badge
  • Data Visualization Beginner Badge
  • Data Visualization Intermediate Badge
  • Data Science with Python Beginner Badge
  • Beginner MPI Badge
  • Matlab for HPC Beginner Badge
  • Lustre File I/O Badge
  • XSEDE User Portal Guru
  • Training Webinar Designer

Badges Under Development

  • Intermediate MPI Badge
  • Data Science With Python Intermediate Badge
  • Cybersecurity Beginner Badge