XSEDE Resource User Guides

Below are links to each resource's user guide. Each guide provides information and instructions on system access, computing environment and running jobs specific to that resource. Resources are listed alphabetically within each resource type: High Performance Computing, High Throughput Computing, Scientific Visualization and Storage Systems.

High Performance Computing

Anvil (Purdue University) New!

Bridges-2 (PSC)

DARWIN (University of Delaware) New!

Delta (NCSA) Coming Spring 2022

Expanse (SDSC)

FASTER (Texas A&M) Production early 2022

Jetstream (IU/TACC) Decommissioning Spring 2022

Jetstream2 (IU) Production Spring 2022

Ookami (Stony Brook University) New!

KyRIC (Univerity of Kentucky)

Rockfish (Johns Hopkins)

Stampede2 (TACC)


Storage Systems

Ocean (PSC)

Open Storage Network New!

Expanse Storage (SDSC)

Ranch (TACC)

High Throughput Computing

Open Science Grid

Scientific Visualization

TACC Visualization Portal (TACC)
available to TACC users

XSEDE is committed to providing quality, useful documentation to its users. Please feel free to leave your suggestions and comments at the bottom of each user guide.

Last update: May 16, 2022