UPDATE: Jetstream TACC cloud authentication/VM management issue

Outage start
11/19/2020 09:25 EST
Anticipated end
11/19/2020 16:00 EST
Outage type
Partial outage

Update 1

Posted by Jeremy Fischer on 11/19/2020 18:37 UTC

The TACC Jetstream cloud controller that had failed is presently back online. It is showing a hardware fault and a replacement is being pursued.

An additional downtime for replacement will be necessary but we don’t have details at this time.

All VM management actions should be available for the TACC cluster at this time though we can’t say if it will remain stable. We would suggest starting any TACC-based VMs that you might need in the immediate future to mitigate losing the ability to spin them up if the controller is taken offline again.

Please contact help@xsede.org if there are questions or concerns.

Additional details will be shared as soon as we have them.

Thank you,
The Jetstream Team

Original post

Posted by Jeremy Fischer on 11/19/2020 15:12 UTC


The primary controller for authorization and server management on the Jetstream TACC cloud is offline due to hardware issues. TACC engineers are investigating now.

Running VMs should not be affected. However, users will not be able to authenticate to the TACC cloud control interfaces (via Horizon or CLI) to manage those instances.

Instance management on Atmosphere for TACC-launched instances will likely fail, but web desktop and web shell to Active running instances is still available.

Direct ssh access should not be affected.

The IU cloud is unaffected by this outage.

If there are questions or concerns, please contact help@xsede.org

We will post updates as soon as there is more information.

Thank you,
The Jetstream Staff