Recent updates from XCI

Posted by Shava Smallen on 11/03/2021 21:45 UTC

XSEDE is pleased to announce the release of a JupyterHub toolkit for the Jetstream Virtual Cluster. This toolkit allows the user to create a JupyterHub instance powered by a self-scaling OpenHPC cluster on Jetstream or other OpenStack cloud resources. For details, see the Jetstream Virtual Cluster repository at or contact the CRI team for more details at

For Science Gateways, XSEDE has released a new API endpoint for accessing XSEDE resource information in the Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) Common Resource Specification and Inventory format. Over the last year, the XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Integration (XCI) team participated in a joint project with SGCI to enhance science gateway access to XSEDE’s allocated resources. For more details on this SGCI coordinated effort, see the PEARC’21 paper Common Resource Descriptions for Interoperable Gateway Cyberinfrastructure. The API endpoint is available at:

Also, XSEDE has now integrated SGCI’s Science Gateway Catalog information with our Research Tools and Services Discovery capability. This enables researchers to discover research enhancing tools and services across multiple sources including the University of Illinois, the Science Gateway Catalog, and XSEDE through a single interface, and then navigate to the local catalog and resource information. This expanded capability is available through the Research Software Portal at: