Recent updates from XCI

Posted by Shava Smallen on 08/08/2017 22:18 UTC

A new Community Software Repository (CSR) “Discussion Forum” feature enables anyone with an XSEDE account to participate in software related discussions. Over the coming months we will introduce new discussion forum areas focusing on: campus software topics; software requirements/needs, use cases, and priorities; software integration efforts; software deployment and operations issues; and discussion areas for software and service users. Please see for more information.

XCI staff assisted in building a new HPC cluster at South Dakota State University (SDSU) in Brookings, South Dakota. The Networking and Research Computing team at SDSU reached out to campus bridging staff asking for guidance on upgrading their existing cluster, BigJack, using the XSEDE Compatible Basic Cluster (XCBC) tools provided by XSEDE. The new cluster, named Campanile, will eventually integrate the nodes currently used in BigJack, resulting in a final size of 71 nodes, with 3360 TB of total RAM and 840 total cores.

A tutorial on building XCBC clusters on the Jetstream system was presented during this month’s PEARC 17 conference and the tutorial steps are available at Please note that you will need API access to use the OpenStack command-line tools on Jetstream. These instructions also rely on the use of an OpenStack host where the commands are installed on Jetstream in order to build the cluster. In order to replicate, you’ll need access to a VM on Jetstream that has OpenStack command-line tools installed. We’re working to adapt these instructions to more general use, please send us comments via the Jetstream tutorial discussion posting.

A new OpenHPC version of the XCBC stack is also being tested. This allows for the installation of a new cluster based on OpenHPC packages, with some XSEDE-specific configuration and automation to help make managing the system easier. The toolkit basics and some documentation are available at and we are eager to get user responses on the OpenHPC build. If you try out the OpenHPC version of XCBC, please provide commentary via the discussion form topic.

We want your software ideas! If you have ideas on new software and software based services that would help you use cyber infrastructure more effectively, or how XSEDE could improve existing software and services, please send them to The mission of the XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Infrastructure (XCI) team is to enable users to leverage national CI using advanced software and services. We look forward to your input.