SDSC Comet User Survey 2019 - 2nd Reminder

Posted by Jeff Sale on 09/17/2019 17:42 UTC

If you have already submitted a response to the 2019 SDSC Comet User Survey, or if you are not a Comet user, then please disregard this email. Our apologies for repeated reminders but we wanted to be sure we reached everyone and avoided spam filters... (read_more_link)Read more


SDSC Comet: Maintenance 7AM-5PM (PT), Thursday, 09/26/2019

Posted by Mahidhar Tatineni on 09/17/2019 16:22 UTC

SDSC Comet will be under maintenance 7AM-5PM (PT), Thursday, 09/26/2019. During this period we will be making updates on the Lustre projects filesystem (/oasis/projects/nsf) servers. We have a reservation in place to prevent jobs from... (read_more_link)Read more