Position in HPC/Visualization at Santa Clara U

Posted by James Hidlebaugh on 07/21/2021 12:50 UTC


This is from Michelle E. McCully (memccully@scu.edu)

I’m a professor at SCU, and I have previously used the XSEDE resources in
my research and teaching. We are hiring a position right now that I think
would be relevant to your networks.... (read_more_link)Read more


SDSC Comet to Expanse Transition [Update on filesystem access]

Posted by Mahidhar Tatineni on 07/17/2021 21:06 UTC

All remaining XSEDE allocations on Comet were moved to Expanse on July 15, 2021. The Comet filesystems will continue to be available on the interactive data mover node (oasis-dm-interactive.sdsc.edu) and on the XSEDE Comet Globus endpoint... (read_more_link)Read more


PEARC Registration Ends Friday 7/16

Posted by Dina Meek on 07/15/2021 19:32 UTC

The ACM Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing 2021 (PEARC21) virtual Conference begins this Monday, July 19. Registration is filling up quickly, so we strongly encourage you to register... (read_more_link)Read more