For New Campus Champions


I'm a new Campus Champion, now what do I do?

  1. Apply for an account.
    1. Here are specific instructions on applying for a Campus Champions startup allocation. This will give you access to the Campus Champions community internal communications.
    2. For general instructions on applying for allocations, see "Allocations Overview".
    3. For "Allocation Tips" for Campus Champions, view the presentation here.
    4. For information on the Campus Champions program, see "Campus Champions Program Overview".
  2. View the "Campus Champion 101" Training Presentation (New Champions Training) here or listen to the recorded version of the presentation here.
  3. Contact Fellow Campus Champions nearby or in related fields.
  4. Read XSEDE User Support documentation.
  5. Join monthly Campus Champion teleconferences
    3rd Tuesday, 3pm EDT
    For Audio

    Toll-free US: 866-939-8416
    Toll/International: 678-302-3534
    Participant: 5706082

    For visual:
  6. Make a list of prospects on your campus, develop a sales strategy for each
    1. Visit prospects
    2. Offer to add them to your personal account. For instructions on adding users, see "Manage An Existing Allocation"
    3. Follow up! Phone, email or in-person.
    4. For campuses who are heavy HPC users, consider outreach to peer or regional institutions to promote XSEDE and other computing resources and encourage them to join the Campus Champions program.
  7. Learn about XSEDE
    Suggested training:
    • XSEDE Getting Started
    • The Proposal Process, Best Practices & Policies (offered quarterly)
    • Introduction to Parallel Computing...(usually for specific systems)
    • Linux/Unix Basics for HPC
    It would be worthwhile to repeat these courses yearly as a good way to keep up with changes in policies and procedures.
    1. Introductory Tutorial wiki page for new Champions
    2. Champion-specific training opportunities will be given in the monthly conference call, and posted on this Wiki.
    3. Check out workshops on the XSEDE website: "XSEDE Training"
  8. Attend conferences where you can meet other Campus Champions
    1. XSEDE Meeting - every summer
    2. SuperComputing (SC) Conference - every November