ECSS Symposium Tues May 16, 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern

Start date
05/16/2017 12:00 CDT
End date
05/16/2017 13:00 CDT
Posted by Nancy Wilkins-Diehr on 05/11/2017 16:56 UTC

Please join us for this month’s ECSS symposium, Tues May 16, 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern

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Meeting ID: 350 667 546

Our featured speakers are Amit Chourasia (SDSC) discussing his work analyzing time series earthquake data with collaborators Keith Richards-Dinger and James Dieterich (UC Riverside) and Ylfeng Cui (SDSC). Earthquake hazard estimation requires systematic investigation of past records as well as fundamental processes that cause the quake. Robust risk estimation requires detailed long-term records of earthquakes at all scales (magnitude, space, time), which are not available. Hence a synthetic method based on first principals is used to generate records that bridge this critical gap. Exploring this data is of vital importance to validate the simulator as well as to identify features of interest such as quake time histories, conduct analysis such as mean recurrence interval of events on each fault section, etc. This work describes and demonstrates a prototype web based visual tool that enables scientists and students explore this rich dataset. It also discusses the refinement and streamlining data management and analysis that is less error prone and scalable.

Kwai Wong (NICS) will be discussing his work with PI Matthew DeAngelis (Georgia State) in text analytics or “scriptability”. Motivated by the increasing tendency for computing power to assist, or even replace, human effort in the acquisition and analysis of financial information and in the execution of trading strategies, this project examines the “scriptability” of firm disclosures, or the relative ease with which a computer program can transform the large amounts of unstructured data contained in various firm disclosures into usable information. The objective of this ECSS project is to provide support to manage and run a set of computer codes examining the scriptability of a large volume of documents. The performance and the workflow procedure of the computations on will be presented.

Please join us to hear more about these fascinating topics.

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